Welcome to my homepage. Most likely you have been referred to this site by SAP, Medium, Udemy, YouTube etc. Great! Then I can take the opportunity and introduce myself to you.

I study applied computer science at DHBW Karlsruhe in cooperation with SAP since 2016. I already created my first Android app at the age of 14 and was more or less forced to learn iOS development at work which I don't regret (because Swift is awesome) even though Android is still my favorite.

I' m always trying to improve my skills and write even cleaner and better code and create even more beautiful apps. Google's new material design is also one of the reasons why I enjoy Android so much, because you can easily create beautiful applications in a short time and be creative with your branding.

During my free time I build apps for my friends and myself or write blog posts about things I discovered and want to share with others.

Last but not least, I have recently dealt a lot with Blockchain technology at work and in my private life and developed a great interest for this technology. I'm also currently developing my first course for Udemy.

If you have any questions or want to talk to me just send me a message!

my expertise

  • - Android Development
  • - iOS Development
  • - Blockchain Development
  • - SAP Technologies
  • - Adobe Illustrator
  • - Design Thinking
  • - Agile Project Management